Welcome to a world of increasing customer expansion

Imagine a market where shoppers come on a constant basis. There is a funnel of business that begins with a small investment but reels in a big return, all with the click of the mouse. Welcome to jollywallet. jollywallet attracts your consumer base with a little push in the right direction, to guide your shoppers to their purchases of choice.

jollywallet as a Marketing Tool

In any market, and most especially one the size of the Internet, with millions if not billions of users, having an edge in business makes the difference between mogul or minuscule. With a largess spent on advertising, how can an online retailer both maximize its profitability yet hold a competitive edge within their specific market and target audiences? The answer may be jollywallet.

You over the Competition

An online business needs to attract its customer base while fighting off tough competition online and offline. There are many sites for consumers to choose from when shopping online, and this does not include the option of going to the local mall to buy their items of choice.

Your customers are waiting for a reason to choose your site, but they need to know how they will benefit more than from a different vendor. When an online business joins jollywallet, it can better persuade potential consumers to choose it over the competition. jollywallet does this by offering customers cash back on their purchases from supporting vendors. Every customer is searching for a great deal, and who can resist purchasing a desired item, and getting money deposited into their Paypal account at the same time?

Instant Gratification

Your customers will be able to easily access your online shopping centers to receive a great deal, in this case cash back deposited right into their account or a coupon. Matching the phenomenon of instant shopping with the instant reward of “cash back” gives your users more of a reason to shop with you, more often and on a regular basis.
Why would a consumer prefer actual cash to a another online discount? That is because consumers know they will have to go through a process of searching for the best sale prices, and potentially needing to wait to receive rebates in the mail and then mail them to the required destinations. jollywallet provides customers with the incentive of instant gratification when shopping.

Keeps Customers Coming Back

jollywallet has a high retention rate once installed by new users, and a high conversion rate for existing users. It’s easy to distribute the application and it offers yet another way in which you can assist your customers in choosing you over competitors.

Since its inception, jollywallet has shown higher customer engagement from its partner sites. The app is always on top of their particular browser window, so users can easily go to their merchants of choice.

Increases Conversion Rates

Jollywallet is your secret sales weapon

Jollywallet is your secret sales weapon

Online ShoppingJollywallet is your secret sales weapon
Perhaps the greatest advantage to jollywallet is it slashes the shopping cart abandonment phenomenon: when shoppers fill up their shopping carts only to leave the site when they see the total price for their items. With the incentive of receiving cash back, jollywallet lowers the shopping cart abandonment ratio, saving merchant sales that would have otherwise been lost to the next online shopping site.

Shoppers can receive cash back even on the best sale prices they find, so why would they go anywhere else to complete their orders? Enabling online shoppers to receive cash back and coupon deals from over 3,000 online dealers is well…a deal one cannot refuse.